Bucks Lawn & Weed Solutions provide a professional treatment programme as well as specialist treatments.

Choose all year round treatments or just the ones you would like;

Treatment One

An application of high nitrogen slow release fertiliser for growth & colour plus an application of liquid herbicide to control approx 90% of broad leafed weeds + initial control of clover and speedwell etc (some weeds require two applications of herbicide for control).

Treatment Two

An application of nitrogen phosphorous and potassium fertiliser for root development and a second application of liquid selective herbicide to control the more difficult weeds and clover.

Treatment Three

An application of high potassium and phosphorous fertiliser for root development plus an important application of moss control (dead moss must be scarified/raked out).

Treatment Four

An application of feed and a heavy dose of moss treatment to reduce and control moss present in your lawn (damp lawns need more moss control).

Treatment Five

An extra application of moss control should you require it over the winter period.


We will also apply products to:

    • Pub/club beer gardens
    • School fields and play areas
    • Sports pitches
    • Commercial green areas

Not only do we treat lawns for weeds, we can also clear:

    • Pathways
    • Driveways
    • Patios
    • Business forecourts
    • Building sites
    • Car parks
    • Ant nests